“And all the dreams you had, they turned into rust.”

Nicola Nora had left my band Geronimoe´s Perception, and we played a last concert as a two-piece, on an evening together with our friend from Barnsley, Emotive Bronze.

Just about the same time, Schmabreux had also come to an end. We lost our rehearsal room and studio, and all of us were looking for a possibility to keep on playing and recording our music.

Ronald Harmstein – The Road

So I decided to start my own project. The world gave birth to Ronald Harmstein as a solo artist. I recorded a first EP, called “The Road”.

Ronald Harmstein – Hey Bus Driver

With the first longplayer “Violets From China”, I started to develop my own sound. Fresh beats, my dark voice and a certain kind of melancholy marked up these recordings and the following ones.

Ronald Harmstein – Ein Euro für die Kanzlerin

With “State Of The Art” I took a journey through the German folklore, beside older tunes of mine which I recorded anew.

The single “Die Gedanken sind frei” turned out to become a kind of worldwide hit, unexpectedly. On the cover you see a street musician I photographed once in Helsinki.

Ronald Harmstein – Die Gedanken sind frei (Single)

“Zombies & Selfies”, the next EP I recorded and produced, got elements of German “Liedermaching” as well as some Soul and Blues feelings.

Ronald Harmstein – Ein Zombie auf dem Flur

The song “Ein Zombie auf dem Flur” tells the real story of a person who escaped from a psychiatric hospital. But – Thank God! – he got stopped in an Intercity train short before Hamburg. Then he was brought back to the clinic by the fire brigade – Djooom! There they set him under drugs massively. The effect was a walking zombie.

A record I still love very much is the following album “Westlich von Eden”. Here we find the theme “Bittersüßer Nachtschatten, which I made also a video for – as an acoustic track with my nylon string guitar only.

Ronald Harmstein – Bittersüßer Nachtschatten

With the help of a new distributor, it was possible for me to release an album with cover songs. “Think Big!” It is an hommage to artists I liked and still like. Hallelujah.