My Music

During the last 30 years, I played in a number of different bands or projects and released quite a lot of music.

The music was always different from the usual things, sometimes strange, experimental, jazzy, sometimes folky, often with a punk or metal attitude, and different were the people I played and recorded with.

It all began with a band called “Les Geile Leistn”. We played very raw and unorganised punk stuff with two guitars and a rhythm section, with both drummer and lead guitarist (me) singing.

The other guitarist left, and we made a project called “Permanent Bardo”, together with a very experimental producer and keyboarder.

Tändstickor @CrossArt Festival Oberhausen
Tändstickor @CrossArt Festival Oberhausen

Then after, we formed “Schmabreux” as a trio, fast, free, trashy, highly inspired by the SST stuff that was going round at that time.

The band disbanded after a few years and some extraordinary concerts. Later on it came to life again with the help of an additional guitarist.

Long before Schmabreux´s final exit in 2009 most of us had already their solo or side projects running. My band was Geronimoe´s Perception, while two of the others had formed The Tea Junkies.

Beside my solo career as Ronald Harmstein, I made my contribution to the projects Iggy Metall, Tändstickor, Amun Bhopal, and Neuer Ordner, and still play in most of these bands.

All I have to say now is, that it feels good to be a musician without the need to MAKE A LOT OF MONEY – but if some of it comes somehow, it´s not a bad thing anyway. So:


Give them a chance to be creative without selling their arse.

Thank YOU!